Erica Adler, LMSW

Erica Adler, LMSW is a specialist in the evidence-based treatment of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and behavioral issues, with a dedicated service for adolescents and adults.

In addition to her work at EBP-NYC, Ms. Adler is an outpatient social worker at Lenox Hill Hospital, working with individuals, families, and groups under the Psychiatry Department and Medical Department. Ms. Adler has led numerous educational workshops on grief and loss, facilitated caregiver support groups, and has considerable experience in treating patients struggling with relationship issues and important life and professional transitions. She also has had extensive training and experience working with patients of all ages at Silver Hill Hospital Residential Treatment Program.

Ms. Adler received her graduate degree from Fordham University School of Social Services.

With a primary goal of creating a nonjudgmental, safe space for personal exploration and self reflection, Ms. Adler is committed to the betterment of her patients by creating patient-tailored treatments to support their growth.