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Joseph Demers, Ph.D.

Joseph Demers, Ph.D. specializes in treating anxiety and mood disorders, as well as impulse control problems and disruptive behavior using evidence-based practices, including CBT, DBT, ERP, Behavioral Consultation (BC), and Applied Behavioral Analysis. He has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults to address a range of challenges including anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, DMDD, and OCD. He has conducted this work in various settings, including schools, residential and day treatment programs, and outpatient settings.

Dr. Demers also has extensive experience conducting psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to assess and diagnose difficulties with emotional, behavioral, social, and academic functioning. These evaluations help individuals, families, and school staff understand the origin of difficulties in these domains and indicate effective courses of treatment and intervention to improve functioning.

Dr. Demers began serving children and families as a middle school teacher in the New York City public school system, earning his Master’s degree in education from the City University of New York. His work in education included teaching overseas and directing educational organizations in Harlem and at Northwestern University. This work inspired him to find ways to better understand and meet the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of his students, leading him to pursue training in psychology. Dr. Demers earned his doctorate in educational psychology, from the University of Minnesota, where he also minored in child psychology at the renowned Institute of Child Development. His clinical training included placements in a university hospital neuropsychology clinic, community psychiatric hospital, and several public schools. He completed his doctoral internship at Green Chimneys Residential Treatment Center, where he provided therapeutic and evaluation services to children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disturbance. Dr. Demers then completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Southfield Center for Development (now Sasco River Center) in Darien, CT, where he continued to work until joining EBP-NYC.

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